SDC Winter 2022 Competition Information

Thank you for registering for the Winter 2022 Season at Nunawading Basketball, welcome back to returning teams and welcome to first time teams. Next week’s fixtures have now been published.

Please read the below information regarding the upcoming season:

  • Registering Players Into A Team
  • Basketball Victoria Player Registration Fee
  • Initial Grading Games
  • Published Fixtures
  • Player Uniforms Reminders
  • Requests for match times, grading and other feedback
  • Match Payments & Team Bonds
  • Updated Senior Competition Rules and By-Laws

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact Cav via email ( should you wish to clarify anything.



Registering Players Into A Team 

Register before your match: Each team has a unique link to register into the team. The team manager can log in to Play HQ to view their team and send this unique link to the player needing to register. Later this link all the team’s unique links will be located at


Register courtside at your match: There will be QR codes on each scoretable which can take players needing to register to the link to register courtside. Register by finding your team name and clicking the individual link. After the registration is completed, you can press the ‘refresh’ button on the team list and the player should show up.


FINALS ELIGIBLITY RULE CHANGE THIS SEASON: For finals eligibility, each player must play at least 50% of regular season matches as a REGISTERED PLAYER to the team. Any fill-in games (where the player manually enters his/her details on the ipad) will not count toward final eligibility and each player must play at least 50% of regular season matches. Register your players early in the season so it does not impact finals.  



Basketball Victoria Player Registration Fee

Basketball Victoria requires each player to play an annual player fee when they register in PlayHQ. Although it is a 12-month fee, it may ask you to pay this under 12 months since you last paid it if you are a playing in a season where the season ends after the end of the 12 months of the last fee you paid.


For example, this season finishes in September, so if you paid the fee in July last year, you will be playing in a season when your fee expires, so it will ask for you to pay it now, and it will cover you until July next year. It is a requirement that players are registered for insurance and identity purposes.



Initial Grading Games 

Firstly, each day has changes to how the sections are formed where there could be more, or less teams in sections. This means you may be in a section number you think does not match your team’s skills, however, the section you are placed in may be a lower standard, but still be a higher section number if teams ahead have not re-registered. We have considered the ladders from last season, plus teams who have not returned, and also new teams entering the competition.


There are 5 grading games to start the season. During grading we are also trying to create smaller sections in order to allow teams in grading to play each other once to get an even understanding of ability level and there will be no split grades in grading too. Where possible, we will try to avoid giving byes in grading to get 5 games for each team. If your team ends up with 3 games or less in grading, please let me know as it could be a fixture change that I don’t pick up.



Published Fixtures 

During grading we will publish fixtures 6 days ahead after each night’s matches for the following week. This allows us to look at results and potentially make changes week-by-week if needed. During the regular season the entire season’s fixtures will be published for the entire season.


CLICK HERE FOR WINTER SEASON PLAYING DATES, so please be aware of these dates ahead of time.


CLICK HERE FOR COURT PLAN FOR SECTIONS ON EACH DAY OF THE WEEK. Across the board we have tried to give sections an even split of games at Nunawading or external venues (except Section 1 and 2 men’s which remains on court 1 at Nunawading for refereeing purposes), and most sections that have a 6.30 timeslot, will not have a 10.15 timeslot, and vice versa. This is not always possible in the sections with more teams. Any requests will need to fall into these timeslots and venues, if we can do it.



Player Uniform Reminders

During the start of the season there are no penalties for players out of uniform. However, all players are required to be in correct uniform from 30th May. Any player out of uniform will either not be allowed to play, or the opposition will be receive 10 points for the uniform penalty.





Requests for match times, grading and other feedback

All requests must now be submitted through this form only. If you do email me directly, I will ask you to put it through this form only so I have all the data in one spot, so I hopefully don’t make any mistakes with them. Please remember it can take up to 7 days to fix a request (especially if it involves changing fixtures) and requests must fall into the existing court plan for sections. We will do our best, but cannot always honour every request.





Match Payments and Team Bonds

Match Payments – for match payments we use online software called Teammo. Teammo will send team managers an invitation to sign up online and you will be required to register a bank card for future payments. Each week the team manager (or anyone registered to Teammo) will be required to pay the match payment before the match starts each week. During grading these matches will most likely become available for payment 24 hours before the match time.


Walkovers and Forfeits – The online system, Teammo, is also the central point for paying for a walkover. A walkover fee is $150, so if you are unable to field a team, please send it through Teammo as this will automatically notify the opposition and referees that there is no match they need to attend, so we ask in good faith to your opposition, you process all forfeits through Teammo. Previously we did have a reduced forfeit fee for Covid related challenges, however, this option is no longer available


Team Bonds – There are several teams in the competition where a bond of $218 (including processing fee) has not previously been collected. We will be following this up with each team, as it is a requirement that each team has a bond attached to the team in case of withdrawing from the competition or owed monies at the end of a season.



Updated Senior Competition Rules and By-Laws

CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATED SDC BY-LAWS, these will also be available throughout the season online under the senior competition tab, and competition rules and by-laws.



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