SDC Important Information

5th November 2021


Dear Senior Teams,


I’d like to wish you a warm welcome to basketball for Summer 2021/22. I trust you are well and ready to go. Please familiarize yourself with the following information to ensure there are no delays at your first game.

Fixtures can be located at the following site.



The Senior Domestic competitions uses the company called Teammo and their platform to make payment your team sheets fees. You can download the app from the App Store and connect your team. Those users who own an Andriod phone, currently there is no app so you must go to Teammo website to make payment.

Our goal is to have you familiarize and onboard yourself to the Teammo platform and have the first week’s matches paid for prior to your first game.


Download the App and Create an Account on Apple Iphone

Create an account for non Iphone users                                

Teammo Welcome                                                                     

Pay Team Sheet Fees                                                                 

Lodge & Pay Walkovers                                                            

Split & Collect Team Member Payments                                



Please ensure all your team members have registered to your team prior to your first match. Your individual team player participation link can be found here.

These links can be used at any time during the current season to add a player to the team.

All team organisers through their PlayHQ profile now have the ability to see who has registered in to the team and also the fixture and ladder. For more information on how to do this visit the following link.

All participants in Victoria must now pay a mandatory Annual Participant Licence of $39.00 set by Basketball Victoria. In previous seasons team registration was substantially higher which incorporated the BV insurance component however this model has now changed.

This 365-day Basketball Victoria licence covers anyone wanting to participate in a Basketball Victoria sanctioned competition, allowing a participant to play as many times as they like within 365 days across any affiliated association in Victoria. Basketball Victoria provides a base level of insurance to all registered participants of affiliated associations and clubs.


A fill in can play a maximum of 2 games without paying insurance before the system will prevent them from participating any further. If they get injured during either game they are still covered by Basketball Victoria’s insurance. When fill-ins register via court side they will enter their personal during the process. Please note a fill in player’s details won’t appear in your team list next round. If they are going to continue playing they must register as a permanent player through the Team Player Participating links located here



Throughout the Pandemic, Nunawading Basketball has followed the advice and guidelines of the Government, Council and Basketball Victoria.


As per the Victorian Government – Open Premises Directions for all community sport:

Spectators and participants including players, coaches and volunteers of community sport can access both indoor and outdoor spaces within a physical recreation facility without showing vaccination status only if:

  • The space is being operated only for the purpose of conducting a community sport activity;
  • Only participants who are necessary to facilitate the community sporting activity such as workers and volunteers are present;


Basketball Victoria has also provided updated guidance on the current COVID rules in place for a return to basketball at GREEN-50 level including:

  • Training and competition can resume with the minimum number of people required
  • Vaccination requirements don’t apply to community sport however this is subject to the venue user policy. Terms of entry are dictated by the venue operator including schools, councils, and third-party entities who may choose to enforce vaccination requirements.


Nunawading Basketball has worked with the Council and its School Venues and will be following the guidelines set out by the Government, Council and Basketball Victoria as above.


However, we must advise the following caveats to the above decision:

Whitehorse Council has advised that any club/team/person etc who uses the Nunawading Basketball Centre or any of our other venues for purposes other than community sport

(e.g. a meeting in a function room) will need to be double-vaccinated if they are 16+.


With regard to the Senior Domestic Competitions, Nunawading Basketball will be reintroducing the following rules:


  • The doors to each venue will remain closed until the previous game has concluded.


  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your game and wait outside.


  • All patrons must leave immediately following their match so that the next game can enter the facility.


  • All patrons (12+) must wear their face mask at all times indoors (unless they hold a valid exemption). Players may remove their masks once they take the court.


  • All patrons must sign-in using the QR Check-In code and show this to the COVID Marshall at the entrance to each facility.


  • Until the state reaches 90% capacity (where capacity restrictions are expected to be removed) we will not be allowing spectators to attend games.


  • All teams are permitted to bring 1 person with them to be scorer for their team.


  • Only 2 basketball per team are to be brought into the facility for warm up.


  • Please only pay for one weeks’ game at a time using Teammo


  • Unfortunately, due to the long break between games we have seen a 35% reduction in the number of referees available. Please be understanding that they too have had a long time away from the game and may be a bit rusty and that they are likely doing many more games in a day than usual to reduce the number of ‘solo’ games.


  • There will be zero tolerance approach taken to abuse of any staff member. Enjoy being back running around.



Normal Uniform by-law rules apply for the Summer 2021/22 season. No penalties will apply for incorrect uniforms during the grading phase.

In the event of a singlet clashes whereby singlet colours are non-distinguishable, bibs will be supplied free of charge to go over the top of your singlet. Please find the referee supervisor on the night who will supply you the bibs.

Teams wishing to hire out singlets can hire sets of up to 10 singlets for either 2 weeks ($20), 4 weeks ($35), 11 weeks ($90) or for the full season ($150). A bond of $50 is applicable to all hiring of uniforms. Hiring payments can be made by calling the office and will be available for collection at your first game. Please call the General Enquiries line on 9802 6711 from Monday 8th November.

Please note we have very limited supply of uniforms to hire. First in, first served.

To avoid delays please view your fixture in advance to know if you will need to obtain bibs and find the referee advisor when you arrive. The team listed first will be the team that changes. Some teams have reversibles singlets. If this is the case we kindly ask that these teams reserve their singlets to avoid the colour clashes.


On behalf of the Boards and Committees of the Nunawading Amateur and Melbourne East Basketball Associations, we thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we all navigate our way through these challenging times.



Dean Babb

Senior Domestic Competition Manager

Major Sponsor