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The Nunawading Spectres U12-U18 teams continue their pre-season preparations this Friday night with a series of games scheduled against the Dandenong Rangers.

Games will be played across both Nunawading Basketball Centre and Dandenong Stadium per the below fixture grid. Teams listed in RED will be training only

  Girls Games @ Nunawading Boys Games @ Dandenong
  Tây Bắc Tây Bắc Tây Bắc Tây Bắc Tây Bắc   V1 V2 V3 2 3 4 5 6 7 V5 V7
06:40pm G12.1 G12.3 G18.3 G12.5 DMST 06:40pm B12.1 B12.2 B12.3 B12.4 B12.5
07:40pm G14.1 G14.4 G12.2 G14.5 DMST 07:40pm B14.2 B14.3 B14.4 B14.5 B14.6
08:40pm G16.1 G16.4 G14.2 G14.3 DMST  08:40pm B16.2 B16.3 B16.4 B16.5 B14.1
09:40pm G18.1 G18.2 G16.2 G16.3  9:40pm B18.1 B18.2 B18.3 B18.4 B16.1


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