The Nunawading Spectres U12-U18  teams tip of their pre-season practice game schedule this coming Friday 21 October with a near full suite of games against the Sandringham Sabres.

Games are scheduled across Nunawading Basketball Centre (NW), Sportlink Vermont South (SL) and Sandringham Family Leisure Centre (SH).

Please see below for the venue grid.

Note that the G14.5 and G14.6 games are scheduled at Nunawading as Sandringham could not accommodate at their venue. The B12.7, B14.7 and B16.6 will have training sessions as Sandringham do not have equivalent teams to schedule.

  Friday 21st October (Sandringham) (Boys) Friday 21st October (Sandringham) (Girls)
  NW1 NW2 NW3 NW 4 NW5 SL1 SL2 SL3   SH1 SH2 SH3 SH4
05:00pm B12.7          
05:50pm B14.7 / B16.6          
06:40pm B12.1 B12.5 B14.6 B12.4 B12.6 06:40pm G14.1 G14.2 G12.3 G12.5
07:40pm B14.1 G14.5 B12.2 B12.3 G14.6 07:40pm G12.1 G12.2 G14.3 G12.4
08:40pm B16.1 B14.4 B14.2 B14.3 B14.5 08:40pm G18.1 G16.2 G16.3 G14.4
09:40pm B18.1 B18.3 B18.2 B16.2 B18.4 B16.3 B16.4 B16.5 09:40pm G16.1 G18.2 G18.3 G16.4