Referee In Focus: Tim Brew

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Referee Name:

Tim Brew

How old were you when you started refereeing?:


Which year did you start refereeing?:


Where did you first start refereeing?:


How and why did you first become a referee?:

I was looking for a 2nd job for a bit of extra money. I found the job through the local leader newspaper

What is your earliest memory of refereeing?:

My earliest memory of reffing is getting baked by another more experienced referee about not calling out of your area and taking responsibility for your area.

Do you have any sports heroes (other sports, players, referees, etc.):

Anthony Macdonald Tippunwuti/Michael Long (AFL), Tiger woods (golf) Roger Federer (Tennis)

What did/do your friends think of you being a referee?:

My friends at the start thought it was a bit of a laugh, but they now respect what I do now and how I give 100% whenever I am on court.

What has been your greatest learning about people by refereeing different matches?:

After refereeing so many matches, you get used to different teams and different you gather respect from teams which makes it a little easier to ref.

What has been your greatest learning about teamwork working with other referees?:

You always have to trust your the person who is reffing opposite you, whether is a new green shirt referee or someone that has been reffing more than 10 years. Also You always want to learn off the more experienced refs, so any information you can get from them is always gold.

What is your greatest memory / achievement in refereeing and how did you feel achieving that?:

Reffing my first grand final was awesome. But receiving those awards at our 2018 awards night was amazing. To know that you have been voted in by your peers is something special.

What is your most challenging memory as a referee?:

Would of been when I was in my first finals series as a referee and I paid A controversial pushing foul with about 15 seconds left on the clock that sent that other team to the line for two free throws that were the difference. The amount of abuse I copped from the team/supporters was insane.

How do you cope with challenges of the criticism, abuse and pressures of refereeing?:

Try to not think about it. find a way to block it out and remember that know matter how hard you try you will never be perfect.

OPTIONAL: Any other great memories you wish to share?:

Winning the Kevin Winter award at the VBRA awards day was pretty special.

What ambitions do you have in your refereeing?:

I wouldn’t mind going for my lvl 1 soon. To make the most out of my mentoring of the green shirts and coaching of the C + B-graders.

Outside of refereeing what do you do with yourself and what are you passionate about? (year level at school, occupation, hobbies, etc.):

I love watching the footy and NBA. Don’t mind a hit of golf and love to hit the slopes on my snowboard. Also love getting away on a cheeky fishing trip.

Do you / Did you play or coach basketball before refereeing? Where, when and how old did you play different competitions?:

Gave up Playing basketball when I was ten years old and stopped growing. I player in the east gippsland league for Lakes Entrance.