Nunawading Referees VBRA

About us

VBRA Nunawading Branch Committee

This committee represent all referees at Nunawading. The Committee is responsible for our working conditions, discipline and developing high expectations of the performance of all referees.

Our committee members are:

President                               Sue Kusko
Vice President                       Simone Hallett
Administrator                         Kelly Baxter
Treasurer                               Mark Hallett

General Committee               Ameika Brecko
Elise Morris
Paul Morrissey
Barry Spicer
Stadium Supervisors

Stadium Supervisors are appointed to every shift of basketball at Nunawading Stadium. If you experience any issues or would like to seek clarification regarding referees or competition rules, then please seek your stadium supervisor immediately. They will be wearing a Nunawading grey supervisor shirt.

At external venues, there is a doorkeeper appointed to assist the venue.

Referee Administrator

The Referee Administrator is responsible for communication across the different shifts and other administrative tasks required for different referee schools. Our current Referee Administrator is Kelly Baxter. You can contact our Administrator at

Referee Advisor

The Referee Adviser is in charge of the referee development program at Nunawading. It is the Adviser’s responsibility to establish and improve a culture for achievement to higher levels of refereeing in a structure that adequately supports all referees, supervisors and referee coaches. Our current Referee Advisor is Andrew Cavell.
You can contact our Referee Advisor at

Referee School Coordinators

The Referee School Coordinators’ role is to coordinate and present the different referee schools to promote referees to higher accreditation levels. Currently our coordinators are:

Beginner C Grade Coordinator – Bianca Dunshore
C Grade Coordinator – Grace Ramsden
B Grade Coordinator – Elise Morris
A Grade Coordinator – Jon Chapman

Domestic Referee Coaches

Nunawading currently has a team of Domestic Referee Coaches used across the competition for a variety of reasons. These individuals have a minimum accreditation of a Grade 1 Referee Coach.