Hall of Fame


The Nunawading Amateur Basketball Association (NABA), Melbourne East Basketball Association (MEBA) and Nunawading Basketball Centre Hall Of Fame was established in 2011 with an inaugural induction of 60 Hall of Fame Members and 13 Legends. The intention of the Hall of Fame is to exalt individuals across all areas of basketball who have had involvement at the highest level and significantly contributed to the success of the NABA, MEBA and Nunawading Basketball Centre.







The Hall Of Fame covers three (3) distinct periods in Nunawading’s history:


Commencing in 2011 the Hall Of Fame shall receive new inductees every four (4) years.

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall convene every 4 years and accept individual nominations and review candidates for induction. The Selection Committee shall consist of 10 MEBA members appointed by the NABA and MEBA Boards.

The following guidelines are provided for each review:

1. No more than 10 individuals are to be presented to the Selection Committee every 4 years;

2. Nominations are to be categorised as Players, Coaches, Referees and Contributors;

3. A MAXIMUM of 7 individuals may be inducted every 4 years;

4. A MAXIMUM of 3 players, 2 coaches, 2 referees & 2 contributors may be inducted every 4 years*;

4. To gain induction, nominees must receive at least 75% of votes cast by the Selection Committee;

    * Maximum includes Legend Elevation

Nominations may be received for the following categories:

To be eligible for Induction all nominees must pass a two-phase review process.

To be eligible for further review an individual must meet at least 1 of the following 4 criteria:

1. An individual must have played for a domestic club or representative team of the MEBA;

2. An individual must have coached for a domestic club or representative team of the MEBA;

3. An individual must have refereed for the VBRA Nunawading Branch; or

4. An individual must have been an administrator for the NABA, MEBA or MEBA Sub-Committee;

All nominees who meet one of the criteria listed in Phase One are then assessed against a series of guidelines pertaining to their achievements. All nominees for the current review are then evaluated against each other to determine the final list for induction. The guidelines include (but not limited to) for each category are:


1. Represented Australia in International Competition (Junior or Senior) (e.g. Olympic Games)

2. Played in the NBL or WNBL or International League

3. Played SEABL/ABA matches for the Nunawading Spectres

4. Represented Victoria at Junior Level


1. Represented Australia in International Competition (Junior or Senior) (e.g. Olympic Games)

2. Coached in the NBL or WNBL or International League

3. Outstanding contribution to the Nunawading Spectres Junior and/or Senior Program


1. Referee/Referee Coach in the NBL or WNBL

2. FIBA Badged Official

3. Outstanding service and performance Nationally after MEBA Referee Graduation


1. Outstanding contribution to the NABA, MEBA or Nunawading Basketball Centre*

2. Outstanding contribution to Basketball Victoria, Basketball Australia and the Community

    * Recognition via Life Membership is bestowed upon most outstanding contributors.

    * The contribution required by a Contributor for Induction is significantly higher than Life Membership

The rules for induction into the LEGENDS of Nunawading Basketball are tightly controlled, monitored and difficult to change. A candidate shall only be considered eligible for Legend status if they have surpassed outstanding contribution and/or have significantly affected in a positive way the game of basketball either nationally or within the confines of Nunawading Basketball. A candidate must have previously been inducted into the Hall of Fame before being considered for Legend status. Legend status can only be bestowed on a person through a unanimous decision voted on by the Board of Management following recommendation from the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

 A maximum of 2 Hall of Fame members can be elevated to Legend status in any 4 year period.