Nunawading Spectres


The Nunawading Spectres have a long and proud history as the representative teams of the Melbourne East Basketball Association (MEBA). From humble beginnings, to becoming a powerhouse program in Australian Basketball, the Nunawading Spectres are synonymous with success and an iconic brand in the Australian sporting landscape.

Together, with the very MEBA Domestic Clubs we represent, the Nunawading Spectres have produced more Australian Olympic and World Championship players and coaches than any other program in the country.

In 2017, over 400 young aspiring athletes need to look no further than All NBL First Team selection, Daniel Kickert or Australian Opals, Penny Taylor and Rebecca Allen to realise that with hard work and some expert guidance, dreams are made in a Spectres singlet.

As a program, we’re constantly looking at new methods to stay ahead of the trend. We have a strong team of excellent coaching and administration staff that are striving with our players to be the most successful program in Australia.

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