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The new-look Nunawading Spectres U12-U18 teams will take the floor for the first time this Friday night in a practice schedule against southern rivals, the Casey Cavaliers.

The fixture will be split with Boys games held at Nunawading Basketball Centre, and the Girls games to be hosted by Casey Stadium.

Please check the fixture grid below for all game times and venues. Note that not all teams were able to secure games this Friday due to a variance in team numbers between programs.

  Friday 19th November – Boys   Friday 19th November – Girls
  NW1 NW2 NW3 NW4 NW5   CA1 CA2 CA3 CA4 CA5
06:40pm B12.1 B12.4 B12.2 B12.3 B12.5 06:40pm G12.1 G12.2 G12.3 G12.4 G12.5
07:40pm B14.1 B14.5 B14.3 B14.4 B14.6 07:40pm G14.1 G14.2 G14.3 G14.4
08:40pm B16.1 B16.4 B14.2 B16.2 B16.5 08:40pm G16.1 G16.2 G16.3 G16.4
09:40pm B18.1 B16.3 B18.2 B18.3 B18.4 09:40pm G18.1 G18.2