Return to Sport Update – 22 November

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The following is a Return to Sport Update regarding changes to the Victorian Government’s Open Premises (OPDs) and Mandatory Vaccination Directions relating to individuals aged between 12 years and 2-months to 15 years old.

With Victoria about to reach 90 per cent double dose (12 plus) vaccination rate, the Victorian Government recently announced a further easing of restrictions for Phase D of the Roadmap: Delivering the National Plan.

Our previous policy for Vaccination Requirements – Basketball Victoria Operated Leagues, Events and Activities has now been updated to comply with the above directions requiring individuals aged over 12 years and-2-months who attend any Basketball Victoria Operated Leagues, Events and Activities to be fully vaccinated.

In an effort to maintain operational consistency for our operated leagues (VJBL and CBL as well as training or try-outs for NBL1 South and Big V), events, tournaments, programs, camps or clinics across all venues and to encourage a safe environment, Basketball Victoria are requiring all individuals aged over 12-and-2-months to be fully vaccinated (unless medically exempt) to participate. This includes players, coaches, technical officials, spectators, volunteers or staff attending a venue for these events.

This policy was introduced following an audit of VJBL and CBL venues that showed more than 65 per cent of venues were unable to offer the Community Sport Exemption due to the layout, operation or usage of their venues.
The audit of the 79 venues used for VJBL showed 167 courts of a possible 252 courts (66%) had vaccination mandates from the venue operators, meaning that having a consistent approach to VJBL operations is important. With venues updating their vaccination policies to include individuals over 12 yrs and 2 months, Basketball Victoria will now implement the same policy for our operated leagues, events and activities.

Each venue where a Basketball Victoria operated activity is held is required to have a COVID Check-In Marshal to assist with venue entry. Every patron (12-and-2-months or older) will be required to check in via the venue QR Code and their smart-phone and will need to show their green tick via the Services Victoria App.

Our current Return to Sport Guidelines are available to download via the button at the end of this page.

For information about Victorian COVIDSafe settings as they impact community sport, physical recreation and vaccination status visit the Coronavirus Victoria website.

Vaccination Requirements

As per the Victorian Government – Open Premises Directions for all community sport:

Spectators and participants, including players, coaches and volunteers, of community sport can access both indoor and outdoor spaces within a physical recreation facility without showing vaccination status only if:

  • The space is being operated only for the purpose of conducting a community sport activity;
  • Only participants who are necessary to facilitate the community sporting activity, such as participants, workers, and volunteers, are present; and
  • Spectators comply with public gathering limits which require that they remain in groups of up to 30 people and take reasonable steps to maintain distance from other such groups.

Where community sport is being conducted in a physical recreation facility, venue staff (including volunteers) must be fully vaccinated if their job extends beyond community sport.

Staying COVIDSafe

It’s important that your business is COVIDSafe and follows the COVIDSafe principles.

You and your workers/volunteers must wear a face mask indoors, and it is highly recommended that face masks are worn outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained– unless you have a lawful exception. This includes people who are fully vaccinated. The Coronavirus website has information specific to each sector and industry to help you adhere to COVIDSafe practices.

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Does a venue have the right to refuse entry to someone who cannot or will not show proof of vaccination? What legal protections are in place for such venues?

Yes. All patrons and visitors that visit participating businesses and organisations must prove their vaccination or exemption status to enter a venue. Venues and facilities are able to set their own terms of entry conditions or rules (including vaccination requirements) according to management decisions.

Getting asked about your vaccination status

People working at venues that are open for fully vaccinated people are required to check your vaccination status, which they will usually do on entry to the venue through the Service Victoria app.

If you are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have been refused entry to a venue for this reason, please be aware that these workers are doing their job and following the laws in place in Victoria to keep you and others safe.

At what places am I legally obliged to show proof of vaccination?

The coronavirus website has the most up-to-date information about where you need to show proof of vaccination.

Can I report a venue if it does not follow the correct check-in procedure? How do I do this?

Community members can raise concerns about compliance with directions through the Police Assistance Line (PAL) on 131 444. Press #3 to report a confirmed breach of government-mandated COVID-19 restrictions.

Workers can raise concerns via WorkSafe on 1800 136 089.

Employers can talk to their industry regulator or peak body for specific industry-related support. A COVID-19 Outbreak Joint Intelligence Unit has been established to support comprehensive preparedness and responses to outbreaks and identify and manage outbreak risks. The Department of Health and WorkSafe will coordinate intelligence and information on businesses that are non-compliant.

What is the definition of an indoor space?

Indoor space means an area, room or premises that is or are substantially enclosed by a roof and walls that are either floor to ceiling high or are at least 2.1 metres high, regardless of whether the roof or walls or any part of them are:
(i) permanent or temporary;
(ii) open or closed;

Basketball Victoria has confirmed that an Indoor Space can be part of a larger Physical Recreation Facility and does not need to be an exclusive basketball stadium to apply the Community Sport exemptions.   

(SOURCE: Open Premises Directions No3, Part 5.3.e)

Basketball Victoria will continue to stay in close communication with Sport and Recreation Victoria and other relevant stakeholders to ensure basketball and community sport can continue to ease restrictions as quickly and as safely as possible.