Spectres Change Alternate Uniform

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Photo courtesy of  Connor McKenzie

The Nunawading Spectres NBL1 South and Big V teams will see a change in uniform, with the decision to move from a white alternate to a red alternate set coming into effect for the 2023 NBL1 South and Big V seasons.

The club’s decision comes after the WNBL’s inaugural ‘Fighting Period Poverty’ round, which sought to raise awareness around period poverty in Australia, and the AFLW’s decision to ban white shorts aiming to eliminate performance anxiety faced by players during their menstrual cycles.

“We’ve seen in the media recently that athletes are voicing their anxieties around wearing white uniforms. Periods aren’t a new thing. We menstruate and our bodies don’t care if we’re wearing a white uniform when that happens,” Nunawading Spectres NBL1 Women’s Captain Rachel Antoniadou said. “The AFLW and WNBL sparked a conversation internally and the decision to move to a red alternate was a no-brainer. It’s something that we shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about and I’m super excited we’ve had this conversation and made the decision to make a change”.

This season will see both men’s and women’s teams in the NBL1 South and Big V programs wear red uniforms as an alternative set, whilst blue remains Nunawading’s primary colour. The red alternate set will also come into effect should the U14 teams be selected to compete at the U14 Australian Club Championships moving forward.

“This is an important change for us as a program and a step in the right direction,” said Nunawading Basketball Operations Manager and NBL1 Women’s Head Coach Paul Flynn. “We want our program to be educated about why we made this decision. It’s a topic that has often been taboo, it’s important that we bring everyone into this conversation, which is why this uniform change extends beyond just our senior women. We’re excited to wear our new red uniforms heading into 2023”.